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My name is Joshua Hill & I absolutely love politics. Although when I first started to become interested in politics I began only as an observer, watching & reading independent news. Soon after I started studying how exactly our political process functioned while also doing my own research & keeping up with facts, substance, statistics, evidence, studies, arithmetic, data, etc... As I began to engage with others regarding the many issues facing our country & the world, I came to find regardless if we had different political positions it seemed no matter which side we were on, Right-Wing or Left-Wing, the one constant complaint I always heard was that there is just too much corruption & that no one feels their "Representatives" are looking out for them & their best interest. So I started Josh Hill Politics because I have one goal. That goal is to inform & help to better the average American citizen.

With so much corruption in politics these days it's hard to know if anyone, who to trust. There is an Establishment group in this country we must fight against. The Establishment exponentially benefits off of our current bought out system. Not only does the Establishment not want to fix our broken system, but they will spend unfathomable amounts of money to make sure it stays broken. I will never corrupt my principles for any incentive. What I am seeking is a real fundamental change in the way our government works & I will fight to fix our broken system of government with whatever resources I can get. So I hope you will all stick with me while I attempt to break down the current political events, & deliver the news in a way you never thought possible...   With Honesty!